Welcome at Body to Body Massage Amsterdam,

We have been happy to welcome all our attendees in Amsterdam, and to present everybody with considered one of quite possibly the most exceptional therapeutic massage company, at your personal resort, hotel and adress !

Satisfy the distinctive massage packages we’ve got to provide and you can appreciate your well-deserved rest time. Unrestrained encounter the sensuality as well as the ultimate relaxation time and meet the category of our extremely gorgeous and attractive masseuses, surrender with any services at your resort room. Our charming and stylish masseuses are satisfied to provide you with any sort of massage, day by day right up until the late hrs.

Handle on your own to your final and intimate moment and luxuriate in your well-deserved relaxation, practical experience these days this sensational working experience inside your hotel place with our distinctive offers. At Body to Body Massage Amsterdam you get a unique service for your least duration of 60 minutes.

That has a check out of one or two of our charming and delightful masseuses you might be assured of an unparalleled therapeutic massage where you will take pleasure in the utmost pleasure. We are an approved therapeutic massage provider in the course of Amsterdam and where you can only anticipate the perfect. Each therapeutic massage are going to be carried out using a exclusive blended ethereal oil on jojoba base that may have got a calming and relaxing impact in your full physique.

To appreciate out of your deserved relaxation we provide you an distinctive company at your hotel you can use our assistance daily and evening just as much as is possible, therefore you have to have no far more seeking for amongst the therapeutic massage salons in which you don’t know what sort of masseuse you will see, as we offer unique ladies with substantial conventional to bring you simply the easiest and we have been ready to ensure.

For most scenarios, our masseuses can be present in the home in close to 30 minutes, we prefer to talk to you kindly right before our girls clearly show up to choose 10 minutes prior to an refreshing shower or bathtub. It is because from the hygiene, which happens to be significant in your case as for us, also your pores will be open and this will give an additional dimension to 1 of the providers you want to order.

Take pleasure in right now of our lovely charming and hot females Contact our services : +31 (0)6 18633672 and let you possess a wonderful pampered massage with of one of our most stunning masseuses. With us you’re in good hands, and supply you with any therapeutic massage offer on your possess alternative. As well as the finest package ” Lingam Therapeutic massage ” which is also referred to as a cheerful Conclude is freed from cost in combination with any of our other massages.

We are an exclusive hotel visiting service for a unique way of personal entertainment, whether it`s erotic or sensual the choice is up to you we offer a great variety of the most exclusive massage for visiting. Experience the best service for at your address or hotel you can call upon our service daily and we offer the most sensual and skilled masseuses of the city of Amsterdam.

Visiting Massage in Amsterdam is the most luxurious way of relaxation at your own private space ! Get relaxed at your own environment as your hotel room or apartment without any hassle of seeking for the right salon or masseuse. When you’re going to bring a visit to one of the salons in Amsterdam you never know where you are going to end up and witch massage is going to take care of you. With Body to Body Massage Amsterdam you are always in good hands and you can easily pick the desired massage for your own female companionship.

Just select the female companionship for an body to body, erotic, sensual, lingam, four hands, full body, tantra or tantric, relax or any of the other massages. Our skilled masseuses are ready to serf you within 30 minutes at your space.

What most I do before: After you called upon our service please stay 10 minutes before arrival showered or bathed in your room. By having a hot shower or bath your pores will open and will absorb the special oil right in to your skin.

Does the masseuse bring the oil: Of course she will bring the oil for the massage you have selected. We developed a special designed oil that is essential for the human body, and will give you a sensational feeling all over your body.

How long does it take for arrival: In the most common cases the masseuse will be present at your apartment or hotel room within 30 minutes. During the day it`s going to take a bit longer due to more traffic and she will be present in about 45 minutes.

Can I select the masseuse and massage: Under the button Masseuses you can select one or two of the finest and skilled masseuses in Amsterdam. And the massage you desire the most you can let us know upfront, or ask the masseuse once she is in the room. She will provide you with the service you are seeking for.

How can I pay:
The only way to pay is cash upfront to the masseuse. It is possible to pay in different currency like Euro, US Dollars, and GBP Pounds or when you have another currency we will check if it`s possible. Please make note: We are not a change office, and when you’re making a booking please ask for the best rate. We don’t accept credit cards or cheques in any form.

Can I extend: We have a great selection of packets deals from 1 hour till 2 hour massage, but for some people that isn’t enough you might always extend your massage at all times by the hour. Just ask the masseuse after the hour that you wise to have her longer than you expected. She will let us know as soon as possible. But because we plan for all our other clients (like you) and don’t want to disappoint nobody please select the desired packet you like the most.

Can I book upfront: You can always make a massage booking online or by telephone daily. For confirmation we need all your details like, the name of the hotel, room number, last name and the duration and masseuse. We can only confirm your booking when you are already staying in the hotel or have checked in the hotel. For the apartments we need the name of the street and number and the area code.

How discrete is the masseuse: Due to your privacy we come almost every time straight to your room. We know like no other that you might stay in the same hotel as your college’s family or friends. When it is possible she will go to your room straight away, in some cases (depending on the hotel) it is not possible to operate in stealth mode and we have to ask access to the reception.

Does she have the cardkey: When the masseuse needs a cardkey to enter to your room we need to get one by the reception, the reception will give the masseuse one for the time being. After she goes out of the hotel it will expire and she have to give it back at the front desk.

Mine Privacy: We don’t keep any details or track of all our client. After the massage all your details will be destroyed, and will never be used for other purposes. We will never send you emails or call and text you ! We are 100% secure and know like no other that you might have family at home.

Is it possible at mine hotel: We can guarantee you that you don’t do anything wrong by ordering a massage thought our massage company. When you are expecting a visitor like our masseuse she will get access to your private space. As long as she doesn’t spend the night it is no problem what so ever. We operate in all hotels in Amsterdam from 1* to 5***** hotels on daily bases and are familiar with all of them.

We only work with professionals who are well trained and skilled of giving any type of massages. One by one they are well schooled and trained on the highest standard of Amsterdam. We only have selected the most sensual and beautiful who are available in Amsterdam. Without a doubt we can say we have the most exclusive masseuses in Amsterdam. Our girls use specialized techniques which you probably may never have encountered, ensuring your massage session is unique and will be used in the right setting.

Take a look at our “masseuses” in our gallery and you will see that not only are gorgeous our girls but that only the most beautiful and delighted girls become a part of the Body to Body Massage Team enabling us to maintain the highest levels of service in Amsterdam and most respected reputation. All our females are highly trained and skilled in giving a massage according to your individual preferences needs and desires ensuring you have a 100% perfect erotic experience possible. Body to Body is suitable for men and couples who want to experience deeper level of erotic pleasure and find effective way from the stresses of daily life or even if you’re just looking to experience something else.

The duration of the masseuse is depending of the packets you have selected. We offer 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes of pure pleasure on daily base. After the payment upfront the masseuse will (depending of your massage) need some time to setup, like to unclothes her body and on the end having a shower. This will take approximately 10 minutes of your time, so please keep this in mind. Now your sensual and experience will start by having contact with the masseuse. Our masseuses will give you the desired massage with their mastered perfectly techniques depending on the massage of your choice.

Through the massage sessions that are supposed to build up energy and knowledge about your body, your body will pick up things which you never would’ve thought of. The variety techniques and the choice of the women available too, you will never get bored. We are sure that we will have a girl best suited to your own personal preferences, this means that all you need to do is pick the one who suits you the most. And 10 minutes before your session ends the masseuse will start with the lingam massage, that is also called the happy ending. This unique way of massage will dispose all the buildup energy out of your body and you are now in a state of well-being.

When you want to make use of the Lingam massage it is free of charge and the masseuse provides tis service to you 10 minutes before ending.

When you are staying in Amsterdam you are in luck by ordering a unique way of relaxation and erotic companionship. The philosophy is that your body needs time of and everybody needs relaxation in its own way. That is way we offer the most exclusive massage visiting service in Amsterdam so that you are able to stay in your own space and have one of the most unique way of your own rest. We restore your mind body and soul to the best possible setting.

We all know the feeling of the daily hustle and stress and always on the run to do the right thing. Your mind body and soul are making over hours. Whether it is from the business meeting you just had, or you are having a symposium at the exhibition center and need some special time of upfront, we are here to serve you.

With any type of massage you have selected your body is going to have the deserved time of, because we make use of your blood circulation and want it to flow the right way again because it’s a variety of technics which they can help and improve the circulation inside your body.

When your body starts to relax your mind is taking over and you are starting to forget the maximum level of stress you have experienced during the day. While you are getting pamper with one of our highly skilled masseuse who will bring you in the state of wellbeing. After the massage you feel reborn and almost the same as a good night sleep, why ? During the session your mind is making endorphin. Now your body and mind are set ! The soul will automatically connect with the body and mind and because both of them are rebalanced again and the endorphin gives your mind that signal to your soul and is restored and brought back in to balance.

Than the massage type you have selected is always the wright one because the meaning of the massages will have the same outcome and it`s up to you with massage you select and the duration of the massages.

Our Most Popular Massages

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Below you’ll be able to by now obtain four of our best and most sensual erotic females, check out out our ” masseuse website page ” certainly you’ll find the lady who completely matches the sort of massage you desire. One particular by just one they’re all exclusive and exquisite so we have been guaranteed which you is not going to shortly forget about this pleasurable experience. Our enjoyable masseuses are already accessible from sixty minutes to give by far the most erotic knowledge along with a true legitimate company.

As a way to fulfill every single desire of our customers, we have now just about every form of therapeutic massage for you specially made and home made . We assurance you the last word rest time brimming with enthusiasm and finish surrender.

To ensure that you find the appropriate woman that could match your needs properly, find the a single that fits you the top. In the event you have any concerns about any with the masseuses or any kind of therapeutic massage you are able to access us at +31 (0)6 18633672 until finally the late hrs.

Get right now amongst our charming masseuse at your space and become amazed by their course and skills, enable this chance not be untouched and simply call our exceptional provider, we’ve been there to suit your needs every single day. As well as spotlight on best may be the Lingam massage what’s freed from cost (in combination with amongst our packets) , glance at it as being a bonus.


Make your body to body appointment right here, or pre book in advance

Erotic Massage in Amsterdam is relating to tending to arouse of excitement and desire, and with the visiting service of Body to Body has to offer we can provide you with everything that will improve your sexual desires and expectations. The people who don’t know that expect that an erotic massage is only a service to have a good time, but we know like no other that it has a few significant therapeutic meanings to the massage. For people who made use of our visiting service already it`s hard to not call upon our service for the second and third time.. Because we work with the finest and talented masseuses you won’t see anywhere else, you probably won`t be able to stop booking them for your next stay in the city.

The highest erotic massages you will find right here and will help you to make improve your love life instantly. Because we are a unique designed visiting service based in Amsterdam and trough one of our full body sessions you are going to be ensured that you are going to experience the highest level of eroticism and with a great variety of technics that the masseuse will let up on your body it will make you much more secure about yourself. For those who are just enjoying themselves as singles understand how to be a more considerate and better lovers and can get you a lot more attention.

Body 2 Body offers you the best service in the best possible way ! Do you want to experience that special and unique way and feel the erotic massage of a lifetime ? We are open every day to provide all the guests who bring a visit in Amsterdam. Hotel or apartment ? You can call for the highest level with the most sensitive hands money can buy. We can secure you that with one of our masseuses you will be in great hands.

All our sexy masseuses have mastered the art of giving massages with their refined techniques what they have mastered thought the years. Need erotic entertainment at your location ? Just dial the number on the website or make a booking online. When you need assistance with one or two of the woman a soon as possible please give as a call.

For women who want to experience something else they can make use of our service as well, we can offer you any type of service at almost any time of the day. We have a great variety of masseuses who will give the desired massage of all sexual persuasions witch can be, Straight, Bi, Gay and Bi curious and it`s a sensational way to experience your personal feeling or to experiment with something you have never encountered. Maybe you are curious about your sexuality and explore the possibilities in a non-pressure environment and where you can easily say what kind of service you like to experience or looking for.

With the woman to woman service you are experience the same and can have the full service from our Body to Body Massage like the men. Erotic, Sensual, Full Body, Naked, Four Hands the massage you prefer is up to you, just give us a call and we can select the kind of masseuse who will fill your needs.

The only thing that we cannot do is provide you with a men because we don’t have them in the gallery ! Simply get connected with one of Amsterdam finest masseuses and make a booking upfront or in advance just dial the number on the website, it`s a wonderful way to enjoy your companion ship and comfortable way of relaxation.

The old ancient Tantra Massage Amsterdam has been practiced for centuries and means the lifelines of life who can be discovered by the chakra`s and energy follows in the human body and is a sexual and spiritual experience of the highest level of egotism. The modern adaptation nowadays of this century & ancient technique may also lead to such a unique experiences but it’s more likely you will encounter a state of deep relaxation as our masseuse expertly uses her sensitive hands to guide you on a Tantic/Tantra journey of letting go and surrendering yourself all the way. In this modern life tends and way of living we place a great deal of expectation and demand on us through our relationships, work, and daily stress but during your tantric session in Amsterdam all you have to do in a state of well-being is simply relax, receive and discover the journey. As there is nothing for you to prove and nothing for you to do, this process of surrender can lead to a heightened awareness of sensation as you allow yourself to be fully immersed in the simple experience of pleasure.

With the massages we are offering, we do our utmost to ensure we create the most conducive ambience so your massage will be performed in your own space like your apartment or hotel. We offer a unique way of the highest levels of eroticism where the only thing you need to do is to let it go and lets ride the wave that’s called tantra.

The Tantric session begins like every normal massage, using long deep strokes and sensitive touching just to relax your body and bring your mind inwards. During the time of a Tantric Massage both yourself and the masseuse will be fully or semi naked allowing for a more erotic and intimate experience of a unique level. As the session progresses, your massage therapist will expertly excite and relax your levels of pleasure and pressure, bringing you to the point of release and back again several times over. On this time the masseuse will start to increase the pressure of the massage and when it is hard enough or to hard just ask the masseuse to increase or decrease the pressure. By doing this enables the buildup energy to slowly build intensity before the “Grand” finale what is allowing a truly overwhelming ejaculation in the form of a lingam massage. This will get all pressure out of your body and system. Please don’t think that this is the goal and meaning of the massage but rather see it as the extra service on the end of your experience.

Over the years we have been seen growing the ask for and nowadays it`s quite common to have a happy ending massage this because the feeling is unbelievable and a unique sensational feeling of the energy that is buildup with the massage, and on the end of each massage is the maximum & pleasurable climax and of course it is something that all men will call sensational. For the people who never experienced this the Happy Ending Massage (also called lingam massage) it’s really time to feel this adventure. Order one of Amsterdam finest masseuses for in your hotel for tonight, and she will open your mind, body & soul from upon 1 hour duration. Our skilled and professional masseuses are well trained in giving a happy ending massage in Amsterdam and understand like no other how to perform this technique, and they understand exactly how to interact with your full body massage really well.

Just anticipate it and embrace the feeling the better they can make the feeling on the end of your session. Of course there are many traditional ways and approaches to receive your happy ending in Amsterdam. Because you’re eagerly awaiting the climax ending of your session, everything is a more intense. Each time she builds up the pressure….. after letting you relax, you are going to built up a little more….., until eventually you are at this point where you cannot peak anymore and…. The rest you know….. When you are in the state by being slowly built up time after time again, the exceptional feeling is quite literally euphoric and send endorphin to your brains.

This is probably something you may not have experienced before, and the best part is, Body to Body Massage Amsterdam will not charge you any extra for it !


We make each and every occasion amazing and want only the optimum for all our people. We only work using the most fantastic masseuses with you at your very own resort to the most peace impact. Pamper your self with a single of our charming ladies.


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